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Building to Code - Don't Believe the Hype


Believe me when I tell you, you DON'T want your next home improvement project built to code. That's right I said you DON'T want your project built to code! Why is that?

Building to code has somehow become linked to something superior when it really means that you are simply building to the bare minimum requirements. Adding to that from year to year minimum code changes and evolves. Something that was built to code even 1 to 2 years ago may no longer be up to the bare minimum of current building code standards. 

For example, locally in the Suwanee, Duluth, Johns Creek and extended area's We have seen many decks built by well-known builders, using minimum code, only to need to be rebuilt 5-10 years later (a properly built and maintained wood deck should really last 20 or more years). 

Tip for Homeowner:

When getting pricing for an upcoming project ask your contractor for pricing options that range from minimum code to preferred building options. Ask a lot of questions about the building procedure and materials being used.  Also, when considering major construction projects, never be satisfied with the bare minimum building code. 

At Brimer Construction we leave the minimum building codes for the other guys, our team is dedicated to doing the project right and building something that is not only safe but will outlast any projects that were simply built to "code". Our entire team stays current on all new and innovative construction products and building techniques to go above and beyond in delivering a superior product.