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Freestanding Canopies with built-in Gutters

Freestanding Copper Canopy with Gutters

Custom Metal Canopies

Brimer Construction creates and installs custom crafted metal canopies in Suwanee. Not only are the canopies designed to bring architectural interest to a building, but are also a very practical addition. All custom metal canopies are constructed with a built-in gutter system using two simple drain spouts on both sides of the canopy, to protect the person and doorway from the rain. It also guards the expensive mill work from premature rotting due to rain and sun exposure that is all too familiar to a Gwinnett County house.

Competitor awnings are made of canvas, with no built in gutter system. This leads to sheets of rain flowing over the edge which soaks a person approaching the door. In addition canvas materials have a life of five to fifteen years, depending on the weight of the material. In contrast, Our canopies will last as long as your Suwanee home.

We realize variety is the spice of life, therefore we produce our canopies in a choice of two metals. One is 100% copper, a vibrant and beautiful metal that will patina over a six month period, for a classic appearance. The second is a thick gauge aluminum that can be painted to match any decor or it can come with a baked on finish. We can match any color you need to best fit the style of your home in Gwinnett.

Installing a canopy over your front entry can be a huge money saver. Depending on how much sun and rain exposure you have, your front entry could need maintenance every few months just to make sure you don't receive any rot. If left unchecked for a while, it could lead to costly repairs with replacing door jambs, side lights, or even having water get farther into the house and start to rot out flooring or leak into the basement. Add some style to your entry door and cut down a little on maintenance with a new custom canopy by Brimer Construction, Your Suwanee Contractor.